Jerusalem Creek

Here’s a little taste of a song called ‘Jerusalem Creek’ on our upcoming album. In the meantime you can catch us on the radio with Matt Webber 91.7 ABC Coast FM Friday after 10am. I’ll be chatting about our latest release’Just Maybe’ amongst other things These Idle Hands. 😊❤️

Just Maybe is here!

Here it is folks!!! Our second single ’Just Maybe’ We’d be stoked if you could add this to a playlist or share it with your friends. This would please the music robot gods greatly & hopefully put us in good favour. Huge thanks to Scotty French @ Love St Studio’s & Paul Blakey @ 12th & Vine Post Production for their amazing work on this track. Hope you enjoy 🙏😊❤️
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Week About

Here’s something I wrote last week amidst this craziness & uncertainty. It’s called ‘Week About’. It is a result of the anxiety I’ve been feeling being a “week about” Dad in all this & trying to make sense of how it’s all going to pan out. Stay Safe folks ✌️❤️

Vision Board

Here’s a little progress snippet of a song in its infancy named’Vision Board’. It’s a bit of a darker turn (which is kinda fun😬) The themes relate to people (mostly men) who embrace spirituality for less ethical reasons, or to satisfy their libidinous desires. Big thanks to Emma Cooper for the co-write on the lyrics. Hope you like it. Stay home & make stuff!! Lots of love ✌️💜 #goldcoastmusic #altfolk #altrock #blankgc #loveststudio